So you want to be
a chemist and mix
stuff together???

1)   You should never use chlorine bleach in a
professional cleaning business.  For example, mixing
household chlorine bleach with house-hold ammonia
will produce deadly chlorine gas?  Did you know that?  
The are many more things you ought to know before
mixing stuff together.

2)   Never mix acid with an alkaline cleaner to reduce the
pH unless you are specifically advised by the
manufacture that it is permitted.   Acid will ruin the
cleaning ability of most products unless you are a
chemist or you are an experienced formulator of these
materials and know how to manipulate the synergism of

3)   Never mix a reducer with an oxidizer.  They will
cancel each other out and reduce their brightening or
bleaching effect to near zero.  You can generally mix an
oxidizer such as Hue Renew with alkaline detergents
and get a nice boost but you should not mix a reducing
agent such as sodium metabisulfite with anything else.

.             The list goes on and on.  Today's professional
cleaning formulas are very complicated and usually
balance several chemical aspects to the limit.  We urge
you to shop for products that do the job without
additives.  Believe this... The makers of your products
are not stupid and if it were possible to improve a
modern product by mixing something with it, the
manufacturer would already be doing it.  There has to be
a reason why it isn't being done and ignorance of the
reason doesn't make it immune to the laws of chemistry.
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