Advanced Technique for the Treatment
of Embedded Urine in Carpets
.                The general difference between dogs and cats is
that a dog urinates at random all over and it thinks it is
going in the same place.  A cat will start in the corner and
gradually work it's way out as though it were creating a
piece of valuable artwork.  It goes in exactly the same spot
repeatedly until it drills the urine problem deep into the
floors underneath.  Aided by the capillary action of the
flooring it often goes really deep.  Almost every beginning
carpet cleaner learns the hard way that cat urine removal is
not a profitable service to offer.  But there are times when it
must be done and someone has to do it.  It is for those few
that DeUrineizer
and this article are for.

.                When urine soaks into the carpet pad or floor,
away from oxygen, it forms a salt in addition to the bacteria
that will probably be present.  The natural counteractant for
salt is acid.  But when urine, especially from sweet little
cats, soaks through the carpet pad and into the wood or
concrete flooring underneath, the urine salts are pretty
tough to reach and dissolve or encapsulate.  Think of these
salts like lions and tigers.  That is, you have to hit em' to kill
em.  This usually can not be done from the top of the carpet
as you probably know  by now.

.                NEW UNDERSOAKING TECHNIQUE with
:  This new procedure is said to work well by
our customers who are experts at cat urine treatment.   
While it has been used with great success, it is still
considered experimental and could even be classified as
an art form.  It is recommended that the carpet owner sign
a release of responsibility (waiver) covering any resulting
damage or unintended consequences.  Your attempt to
dissolve or encapsulate these deep salts can cause serious
floor damage especially with chipboard sub-flooring and
hardwoods because these materials do not benefit from

.                The good news is that the following procedure
can result in a relatively easy, cost effective method of
totally decontaminating serious cat urine areas that might
otherwise need to have the flooring replaced anyway.

.                Mix DeUrineizer one half with water and use as
follows.  Remove the carpet, pad and tackstrips.  Over-
saturate the floor until there is actually a puddle of
covering the entire affected area.  Soak the
carpet backing and new padding.  Immediately reinstall the
carpet so that the DeUrineizer
will continue to soak into
the floor and the backing and encapsulate or neutralize the
embedded urine salts.  Pre-spray the face yarn with
and steam clean the carpet.  Then apply
ProLiminator as a last step.  Injecting the DeUrineizer
possible in smaller areas but it is more difficult to attain a
uniform and adequate “soaking” with injection.

.                When DeUrineizer is applied to urine, it’s
unique blend of acids and other ingredients will temporarily
activate a urine stench from embedded urine.  This strong
urine odor impresses the carpet owner that there is a more
serious urine problem present than they realized.  As you
proceed, the urine odor completely vanishes and the
carpet owner appreciates the wonderful job that the
technician has done.  Apply ProLiminator when finished for
additional odor and fragrance control.

.                DeUrineizer has no fragrance of it's own.  This
is important because it might take weeks for the wood or
concrete to thoroughly dry and a fragrance product soaked
into the floor might become tiresome to the carpet’s owner
after weeks.  Therefore the cleaning technician will want to
use ProLiminator on the carpet face for complete
odor and fragrance control.  By the way, here's wishing you
lots of luck…

.                Click here to read about waiver clauses on this
website and use a waiver when attempting an art form
technique such as we have described above.
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