Here is a problem seen most
often by commercial cleaners.
There exists the problem with permanently discolored traffic
lanes on nylon carpet that is caused by maintenance
chemicals. It is part of  "the blue range nylon problem" that
you can read elsewhere on this website but it is worth
talking about separately.  It is not dirt and it is not distorted
fibers, it is DYE DAMAGE.

.                 There are two types of cleaning chemical
products that need to be understood.  There are those
designed for carpets that are made to clean fibers.  These
are generally too expensive for use in hard surface work
and would not be aggressive enough for floor finish
removal. Then there are hard surface chemicals that are
aggressive enough for hard surface but will damage nylon
dyes in a flash because most of them contain hydroxides or
other aggressive chemicals.

.                  What often happens is that unknowing
maintenance workers will use their harsh chemicals on a
carpet or a well meaning janitorial supply salesperson will
recommend to an inexperienced carpet cleaner that he try
his "degreaser" because "this stuff really works good".  
BINGO!  The next thing is a permanent beige or grey color
everywhere the hard surface degreaser was used because
the dyes are "burned".

.                   It also happens where maintenance workers do
not to get their chemical on the carpet at first but then they
take a little break while they wait for it to dry by walking
through the building.  This tracks the stripper onto the
carpet and we get another BINGO!

.                   This job eventually falls into the lap of an
experienced carpet cleaner who must explain to the carpet
owner that their janitor ruined the carpet.  It can be a pretty
difficult conversation but it is a skill that needs to be
mastered.  (See the article on this website about the
mastering the skill of a country doctor).
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