A Few Things That Even the
This is a collection of some common subjects that we are
often asked to talk about that have not been covered
elsewhere in this website. Just like baseball players who
must practice their basics, it is good for experienced
carpet cleaners to remind themselves of the basics also.
CLEANING and SPOTTING -  The five great rules:
1)  Learn the doctor's Hippocratic oath because it applies to your
practice as well. "First doctor, do no harm"  In other words,
do not make a situation worse than you found it, because...

2)  If you touch it, you own it.

3)  Nobody calls a professional cleaner for spot removal until
they have used everything under the sink.  Be prepared for
the spot to be much more complicated than what the
customer tells you.  

4)  Every spot has its best fix.  If you are going to try something
new, be aware of the law of unintended consequences.  A
good idea to remember when faced with unknowns like speciality
adhesives is to call the company who makes it and ask their
advice on removal.  If they don't have one then why should you
risk buying a carpet with risky experimenting.

5)  Cover every potential problem that you see during your
pre-cleaning inspection with your customer.  People respect the
professional who is competent to analyze these concerns up
front.   When you must explain problems after cleaning is finished,
the customer is more likely to wonder if it is just an excuse.
BLOOD: Remember that acid sets blood so remove blood spots
before cleaning with a specialized blood remover like Chemeisters
Blood Eraser.  This also tells you if the customer is being truthful
when they claim not to have used anything on it.  If the blood has
been set it is better to know this and confront the issue before
ICE MELTER REMOVAL: Acid is the natural solvent for salt.
Use an 8-10% acid solution and give it time to dissolve.  It may
take several cycles if the impaction is severe.
SODA: Club soda is the natural solvent for sugar but remember that
there may also be a returning spot condition with this type of
situation so be prepared for the need of additional treatment.
BLACK FILTRATION LINES around heating outlets and the edges
of rooms:  We are trying to stay generic on this page but the
truth is that Chemeisters
® Gumolene® is the best fix for this.
BLACK LINES around the edges of rooms that are not filtration lines:
If not filtration lines then 10 times out of 10 this condition is a
reaction to pesticide chemicals that have been used.  Once the
customer knows this fact they may wish to go back on their pest
control service.  Before attempting removal just remember that
you are taking the monkey off the back of the pest control people
and this can turn into another "snake in the grass" for you.  In other
words "if you touch it, you own it".
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