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Easily cleans GRUNGY GROUT,
tile, concrete garage floors and
many other floors and surfaces.
Infused with peroxide and macro-concentrated
Best Hard Surface and CARPET CLEANER
FloorMeister is based on a blend of powdered ingredients and infused
with surfactants and oxygen which cleans faster, cleaner and brighter
than any liquid.

All powder based products are not created equal and Chemeisters has
been the leader in powdered carpet cleaning products for almost 40
years. The use of premium raw materials and clever blending techniques
really shows up in FloorMeister.

* Contains no hydroxides so surrounding
   carpet is safe.  In fact, you will love how
   it works on carpet.  It will floor you!

* Increased productivity - works faster.

* Cheap to use - Costs only about $1 per
use gallon.

* Dissolved and suspended grunge rinses easily.

* Non-toxic, no solvents, NTA or hydroxides.

* Quick dissolving powder works better.

* Clean fragrance, no chemical odor.

* Usually eliminates the need for brushing or
  hard work by the cleaning technician.

* Synergistic oxygen blend.

* The best cleaner but it is not a stripper.
   However it will remove part or all of many
   floor finishes.
Try FloorMeister side by side on
the worst floor that you can find.