.           Grease Eraser®
works better, costs less
and is safer for you to
use.  It is the original
powdered pre-spray.  It
is an emulsifying
degreaser /cleaner that
contains no butyl,
d-Limonene or other
solvents of any kind.  
Grease Eraser is
continuing the
revolution that it began
over 25 years ago and
remains the Rembrandt
of the carpet cleaning
.                 Grease Eraser® is manufactured with a proprietary method of
injecting maximum liquid surfactants into a blend of the best quality
powders.  This results in the most powerful, non-toxic, free flowing
powdered pre-spray without solvents which has never been successfully
copied.  It works better, costs less to use, less to ship, easy to store even
in the winter and is enviro-safe.  Grease Eraser is not pH safe for stain
resistants but there are no caustic ingredients in Grease Eraser that would
actually harm the new nylons.  See
PreAction for pre-spraying stain
Any Type of Grease or Soil
  • Easy To Use - just spray it down and get your tools out
    of the truck and go to work  
  • For All Carpets - relied upon to clean all types of nylon
.              and olefins for years
  • Costs Less To Use - less than 80¢ per mixed gallon   
  • Solution Line Type Sprayers - a perfect companion
  • Just Mix Six Scoops of Grease Eraser in your
.              5 quart reservoir.
Why pre-spray instead of one-step "steam cleaning"?
There are many answers to this question:

.              Because it is faster and easier.  Easier is getting more
important every day because additional trucks are incredibly
expensive and getting help is even more difficult now.  This means
that key people must get more of the work done themselves.  Getting
in an extra job today or getting back sooner tonight with left-over
energy, means more production ability left for tomorrow and the days
to come.

.              Pre-spraying with Grease Eraser® is easier and the deep
down soil is emulsified with a minimum of water.  The loosened soil
then flushes out quickly with less strokes or passes for more
production with less effort.  This results in less dry strokes needed
and leaves the carpet with a minimum of dampness.

.             Once cleaners get the routine down, no one ever goes back to
one-stepping.  In other words, there are a lot of former one-steppers
but there are no former pre-sprayers that we know of.

.             Grease Eraser® has so much power that the mixture is easily
adjusted to soil conditions that do not need it at the full recommended
strength.  Chemical costs are reduced compared to liquid pre-sprays,
other powders and one-step cleaning.
.        "You cannot clean something with nothing", so your chemical
products must contain strong agents but strong agents are not all
equally safe to use.   The Internet has made it easier to search and
discover the safety of your favorite chemical products so that you
can make intelligent decisions about using them.  
click here to read
about related toxicology and the truth about phosphates in carpet
cleaning chemicals.
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Here is a trick for that super filthy area coming out of a restaurant
kitchen.  Mix Grease Eraser triple strength.  (2 ounces to a quart spray
bottle of hot water), and mist over the top of your regular Grease
Eraser pre-spray.  Until you see this you ain't seen nothing yet!!!!
The favorite prescription of carpet doctors everywhere
CAUTION - water will "absorb" only so much detergent so
when ever pre-spraying, be sure to cut back on the
amount of any extraction chemical being used to leave
room for the absorption and pick-up of the pre-spray.