Gumolene® removes the oxidized, black filtration
lines from around heating outlets, the edges of
rooms and under closet doors better than any
other product.  
Agitation is important in these areas so
be sure to use a brush or other agitation.
you don’t jump up and down with excitement when you use
Gumolene…  or at least grin from ear to ear.  AND… unlike the other
products you have tried that did not do as they promised, this
awesome, non-foaming product easily “steams” right out of the carpet.

.                Any veteran carpet cleaner will say that the worst grease
problem known, is the first four feet coming out of a Chinese
restaurant kitchen that is thick enough to scrape with a putty knife.  
Mist Gumolene®  straight on these areas and you will finish the job
early with a lot less work.

.                Gumolene is a little expensive to use as a general pre-spray
but many carpet cleaners do because it saves so much work and they
think it is well worth the savings in labor.  These results will surprise
the most cynical cleaner who thinks he has tried everything.  Your
restaurant customer will never have had such an incredible cleaning
experience and they will tell you so.  This level of satisfaction
produces business.

.                Every "spot" has it's own best fix so there is no such thing
as a true "all purpose" spotter but there is a wide spectrum of spots
that respond well to Gumolene
®.  It is carried by many carpet cleaners
on every job as a general spotter.  It easily removes adhesive from
duct tape and other tapes used to fasten down carpet runners.  In
fact cleaners tell us about removing so many types of spots and other
traumas that we’re afraid to list them all because we doubt if you
would believe it until you try it for yourself.

.                Chemeisters® is “lucky” to have several “Best in the
Industry Products” and we are especially excited with Gumolene
Please try Gumolene
® with our cheerful, (or at least semi-cheerful)
money back guarantee including UPS charges.  It will change your
carpet cleaning life!

.                You know about Chemeisters® commitment to chemical
safety for over 30 years, so we hasten to point out that Gumolene
contains both butyl and d-Limonene.  However, Gumolene is  very
non-volatile and we do not believe that there is any hazard.  
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