.               Hue Renew is a fringe brightener for oriental carpets and it
is a wonderful brightener of dull and shaded olefin carpets and many
nylons also.  It contains the maximum percentage of
sodium percarbonate that can be shipped under DOT laws.
percarbonate is a strong and odorless oxidizing agent that is often
referred to as
oxygen bleach, powdered peroxide or solid peroxide.  

.                 Olefin carpets do not always look good after cleaning
because their soft polymer fibers get permanently distorted from foot
traffic.  Because Olefin is so soft it also gets impregnated with polymer
based soils that virtually become part of the carpet fiber.  Apply Hue
Renew as an after-spray and let dry naturally.   It "bleaches" the
dullness and goes on brightening for hours.  

.                 Hue Renew must be mixed fresh for each job to get the full
benefit because it only begins working while it’s hot.  Once the
chemical brightening process has begun, it often continues to
brighten for hours.
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