Potting Soil Removal
.      There is an old saying in the carpet cleaning business that
has been around since the workers tracked dirt in from building
the pyramids in Egypt.

Whatever goes in dry comes out dry the easiest.

.      Potting soil can consist of a great many things including
dinosaur droppings.  Regardless how much power your truck
mount has or how many times you have done it, it can really be a
snake-in-the-grass for the unsuspecting technician.  Once it is
dampened, the muddy mixture sets up like ancient Roman

.      The following guidelines are for removing potting soil before
the soil been dampened.   Once wet, the procedure does not
work as well but it probably still works better than others.

1) Tell the customer on the phone not to wet the spot.  If she
already has then caution her not to wet it further because it will
all but guarantee that the soil will not remove completely in one
trip.  The more cautions you build into the job at this point, the

2) Dry vac as much of the dry dirt as you can possibly get.  Use
the hose cuff.  It seems to furnish just about the right amount of
agitation and concentrates the vacuum power also.  Beware not
to rub too much because the carpet appearance will be altered
so that once the soil is removed the carpet pile is permanently

3) Using the normal amount of extraction detergent and flood the
area with plenty of hot detergent spray.
 The goal here is to
dilute and suspend the soil particles.  Chemeisters Action
Extraction with its built-in acid rinse is the best here.  Do not use
clear water because the particles will lose suspension and
adhere to the fibers before you can flush it out.  Then with the
"steam" still on, extract the area.  Finish by dry vacuuming as
much water as possible.  The process can be repeated but you
will generally get about all you are going to the first time.  If you
let it dry for several days until all of the deep moisture is gone
you can then repeat the process with better results.  

4) Because of the soaking that takes place with heavy cleaning it
is recommended that you apply an 8% to 10% acid treatment to
block reactive condition such as "browning" during drying.
 If you
used Action Extraction you can omit this step.
 Get the face yarn
uniformly damp with the acid and allow to dry.  Ventilation is
always important but do not focus a fan directly on the area.  
Instead, aim it at an indirect angle to aid drying if necessary.  

Chemeisters RinseAcid Plus is 18% acid so you simply mix it 1/2
with water.   
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