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.             Best for all odors, ProLiminator® is the best tobacco
smoke product there is, even on gagging cigar smoke in hotel
rooms and autos.  It is also the best product for penetrated
cooking odors including Curry and other spices.  It engulfs
odors of both animal and human urine by encapsulation  
and/or displacement of the urine salts, etc.  

.             The hotel guest who smuggles pets and tobacco into
their room is a huge problem.  Homeowners and hotel guests
who cook with strong spices are a huge problem also.  
® is the only product that will easily and
completely deodorize the room and leave homeowners happy
and hotel guests complimenting the management.  Whether
homes or hotels, one thing is for sure: It doesn't matter how
clean it is if it doesn't smell good.  

.              ProLiminator® SUNSHINE is our stunning signature
fragrance and it is the most captivating fragrance ever
experienced in a deodorizer!  Your customers will rave about it
and you will get referrals because of it!  It is happening
everyday to the carpet cleaners and hotels who add a little to
their cleaning solutions as a calling card or spray it as a
serious decontamination tool.  Even a gagging tobacco smell
in automobiles can be totally eliminated with a few squirts
using only four ounces to a quart of water.

.              Both SUNSHINE and Lemonizer are cosmetic  
grade fragrances.  They are designed to get your customers
talking about
your business and generate those precious
referrals and repeats.  Macro-concentrated, one gallon makes  
8 gallons of full strength solution which you never need to    
mix stronger for any odor.  And it is the safest possible   
formula to use because it does not contain cancer causing
phenols that are found in many deodorizers.

Works 4 Ways
1)  ProLiminator® engulfs odors with a clean fragrance that
.                 everyone loves.         
2)  It eliminates them permanently by changing the
.                 structure of the urine salts, smoke and other
.                 molecules at the source through encapsulation,
.                 modification and/or displacement.  
3)  Stronger referral stream - your customers love the clean
.                 fragrance and the way it works.  You will know this
.                 because they will tell you so and they will tell
.                 friends.
4)  ProLiminator is a 8x concentrate.  Each gallon makes
.                 at least 8 gallons so it is very economical to use.

.              ProLiminator® is a custom blend of deodorizers that
are right at home with your regular non-ionic cleaning
environment.  Serious decontamination companies often use   
a registered antimicrobial for bacteria decontamination and
then use ProLiminator
® Sunshine for odor control.  They
know ProLiminator
® counteracts the odors better than any
other product and it is safer for their technicians to breathe

.              Hotels and others have discovered ProLiminator®
as a low-residue, all purpose cleaner.  They are
using it for bathrooms, kitchens and all general hard surface
cleaning.  Mix some up and use it for everything around your
business or home and see what an impressive cleaner
® Sunshine is.  More than a fragrance, it is a
famous deodorizer and a low-residue cleaner all in one
product.  ProLiminator
® is an experience that your customers
will love and appreciate.