Hot, Leaking
Quick-disconnects Can
Really Cost You
.                     With the new high heat machines comes a another
snake-in-the-grass.  The quick-disconnects are getting warm
enough to "melt" the olefin carpet pile.  This leaves a distorted
area that is impossible to restore and must be replaced.  Use a
sleeve or wrap of some adequate design to shield the heated
disconnect from the carpet fiber.

.                     The hot disconnects by themselves are not likely to
damage nylon but if the hot disconnect leaks then BINGO.  It can
set up a dye removal system similar to the action attained when
the heat transfer method is intentionally used to remove fugitive
dye stains.  The nylon dyes especially in the blue range including
gray and green are often too fragile to survive.  Do not make the
mistake of worsening the matter by putting a towel or other fabric
under the leaking disconnect because then you really are
mimicking the heat transfer process.

.                     There is an additional hazard with soaking a spot on
the carpet.  A leak with it's resulting pool can soak down and
produce a reaction to deeply embedded chemicals or bacteria that
may cause returning spots or odors.  This can require an
additional service call plus exposure to all of the complications
that you can imagine.

.                     Replace leaking disconnects and use a sleeve or
other protective device to shield the carpet yarn from the hot
metal disconnects.
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