RinseAcid Plus
Acid Rinse and "Browning" Treatment
.                RinseAcid Plus™  contains an 18% acid blend and
a lemon fragrance.  About twice the acid value of most
other products so you use only half as much as with those
others.  Acid rinsing is recommended by the carpet mills
and cleaning schools because leaving carpets in a low pH,
(acid) condition blocks reactive pH problems such as "BHT
yellowing".   The invisible residue from RinseAcid
acts as a barrier or shield to inhibit the condition from
"wicking back up".  Do not rinse after applying, just like the
doctor who leaves his/her medicine on the wound to do it's
work.  Reactive spots can be brown, gray, black, orange or
even green on wools.  A reactive condition is often invisible
until water is tracked, spilled or used in cleaning.  The
cleaning Technician does not cause this problem but
simply  activates the appearance process and the spots
appear a day or two later.  These reactive conditions often
disappear when damp and return again when dry.   
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