Salt Removal

The natural solvent for salt is acid.  But impacted salt
residue cannot be dissolved during normal cleaning
and there often is not time for an acid pre-spray to
have much effect.   Use Chemeisters RinseAcid Plus
for spotting and salt removal because it has no
residue so that it can be applied in higher volumes
without the residue problems experienced with other
odorless acids.  

Regardless of how much heat your truck mount may
have, cold carpets do not clean as fast as warm
ones.  Hardened salt residues in cold carpets during
northern winters are even more difficult and the
residues will not dissolve quickly.

Plus, your customer does not understand that it is
probably tracked all over the place which makes
carpet restoration difficult and sometimes
impossible.  Salt laden carpets do not clean well and
are much more difficult to work on.

Trick:  Explain the problem to your customer and
ask them to wet the carpet the night before and keep
it damp to begin dissolving the salt.  Be sure to
advise them of the risk they take from people
slipping on the slippery carpet.
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