The big LIE that
salesmen tell you
The big lie:
Agitation is old fashioned and deeply soiled carpets can be cleaned with
your new truck-mount without agitation because your new mount is so
powerful and so wonderful!
The big truth:
Every cleaner who has been victimized with this lie is paying the price of
leaving traffic lanes dirty and the customers do not like it.  They do not
appreciate their white carpet still showing shadows of dirt after cleaning
and it is the main reason why they look for new companies next time.
.                 With sufficient ventilation, a carpet that takes a day or two to dry
is not over-wet or in any danger of molding.  If the carpet was so dirty that it
needed to be washed down to the backing then let's "get'er done".  If it
takes several scrub passes with the wand to supply the AGITATION to
dislodge dirt down deep and clean the full length of the carpet yarn then so
be it.  Too many carpets are left with shaded traffic areas from un-removed
dirt because today's Carpet Cleaners have been indoctrinated into thinking
that everything must dry in two hours even if it means just pulling a wand
over the carpet one time and cleaning just the tips.  

.                 The customer thinks they should have their carpets dry in 2
hours because every company they call brags about how fast their jobs
dry but it is a myth that your customer wants her carpet dry in 2 hours once
it is pointed out that you insist on deep cleaning and not top cleaning as
your competitors do.  She is smart enough to know that while top cleaning
may look good, it leaves the toxins and soil up close to their babies faces.  
They also know that deep cleaning of any heavy material will take more
drying time and they will appreciate being reminded of this.  They will
choose deep cleaning every time and they will choose you to do it because
you had the courage to be honest with them.  It boils down to having the
courage to "sell" deep cleaning instead of 2 hour drying time.  The only
catch is that once you promise deep cleaning you had better have the
equipment, techniques and chemicals to back it up.  
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.                 This is NOT the cleaners fault.  Most of the blame for this goes to
the machine sales where the manufacturers brag about how fast their
machines dry carpet.  They are wonderful machines but they ought to be
bragging about how they offer the power to deep clean and still recover all
possible moisture.  Instead they often teach their carpet cleaning
customers that it is okay to use just one stroke with a wand and leave the
deeper dirt behind.  The schools are not teaching deep cleaning either, no
one is right now that we know of.  

.                 Unless you are doing the hard work of multiple wand strokes or
using a rotary scrubber or rotary "steam" heads or some other adequate
type of agitation then you are kidding yourself.  It takes heat, pressure,
super sucking vacuum, great chemical and effective agitation to deep clean
dense carpet pile.  If you sacrifice any one of these aspects then you must
attempt to use more of the others to compensate.  If you think that you can
deep clean without agitation then try washing your dirty hands under the
hot faucet without rubbing them together or otherwise agitating them.

.                 It is fine to take pride in leaving carpets only slightly damp but
let's be sure to get the deep dirt cleaned and flushed out because that is
what we are being paid for.  If Mrs. Lady cleaned her hair with no more
moisture and agitation than some carpet cleaners clean her deep pile
residential carpets with, she would not wake up with very happy hair the
next morning.
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On-site carpet cleaning requires 5 elements to be present in proper
 1)  Great cleaning products
.   2)  Pressure of solution
.   3)  Heat
.   4)  Vacuum
.   5)  Agitation

When one of these is inadequate then the others must pick up the slack.  
This can be done to a large extent but it is impossible to make it up
completely.   This fact shows up most often in white carpet traffic lanes
because of a lack of agitation during the cleaning process.