Ink Eraser
Ink Remover for Nylon Carpets
.                Ink removal is a tricky process with nylon
carpets because the fibers are very dyeable.  Modern ink
is about the best dye that science can make.  Many
products remove ink from olefins and they promise to
remove ink from nylon but they seldom do.  Where they
work at all they require so much rubbing that the carpet
shows too much trauma to the yarn when finished.  

.                Ink Eraser is effective at removing ink from
nylon without requiring too much agitation in most
cases.  It is an art-form that involves a little practice but
it is very effective at removing all of the ink most of the

.                It will dissolve olefin fibers and many other
plastics so keep it's use restricted to use on nylon
carpets.   Vacuum hoses are easily protected by
vacuuming a little steam solution through them every
few minutes to flush the recovered ink and chemical
through the hoses.
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